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Beata Te, LLC is a majority woman-owned and led business. For years, the company concept remained a mere fragment of an idea in the back of the designer’s mind as she focused on her livelihood in marketing and business development in the USA and Europe. The decade spent in Europe further heightened her awareness of, and appreciation for, the individual contributions of fine artisans, their commitment to quality and the myriad forms in which it is expressed.  The company is named to honor a beloved neighbor and friend, Elena Schianchi, who became a touchstone for the designer.  During cherished conversations at her kitchen table, Elena often used one of her favorite expressions, “Beata Te!" (pronounced "bay-ah-tah-teh") Simultaneously regal and unpretentious, Elena’s spirit remains forever with the designer and the company.

Art that is visual, tactile and functional.

In a world encouraged to consume and discard, our “art to wear” was conceived as a means to discover, explore, appreciate and sustain what is truly precious through artistry combined with functionality and accessibility.  This artistry unites silicone and silk in a way that is endearing and enduring.

Art that walks among us in the world.

We endeavor to create concentric circles of the aesthetic experience: from the artist to the wearer to the observers of the art being worn.  Each piece is designed to evoke a ripple of delight in the discovery of a new form of art.  When you wear art from Beata-Te, LLC, you participate in the aesthetic experience and convey discernment for inventiveness and creativity.

Art that sustains artistry.

We envisioned an innovative new form of “art to wear” that required over a year of artistic and production experimentation involving a series of refined techniques. The creation of each original piece requires an immersion in the characteristics of the materials used within the production environment. Each piece represents an amalgamation of imagination and skill.  Our company exemplifies slow fashion artisanship and is committed to never creating a piece of “art to wear” by machine or automation while ensuring each piece is designed to be as comfortable as they are intriguing to wear.

Art that is environmentally sustainable.

The original art you purchase from Beata Te, LLC is made of silk and silicone and, with proper care, will last a lifetime.