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Inspired by both nature’s artistry and human artistic achievements, our designs intend to evoke a visual and tactile sensation. Each design considers how the combination of materials will feel against the wearer’s skin, how it will make the wearer feel, and how it conveys the wearer’s sensibility for innovation and creativity.

Copyright Notice

These designs are protected by U.S. and International copyright laws.  Reproduction and redistribution of any of these designs in any form without the express written permission of Beata-Te, LLC is strictly prohibited.  © 2020 Beata-Te, LLC

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About Our Leather
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Our scarves, shawls, and headbands (coming soon) are created using silks in a variety of weaves and densities from transparent to translucent. The designs and silk textures are selected to compliment one another, as are the combinations of silk and silicone colors.


Created in both bold and subtle color combinations, each design is ultimately completed by the way you choose to wear it.


Artistry and engineering know-how from around the world are combined to create the functional adornment of every piece of our “art to wear.”  Our scarves and shawls are created individually by hand using a meticulous and exacting patented process that was mastered after a year in development. Each original piece is created to be cherished for a lifetime with minimal care required.

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