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“I was immediately drawn to the well packaged and inviting packaging.  The care instruction with the butterfly pin is a very nice touch and adds to the experience.  The scarf is exactly as shown on the website.  The design is beautiful and classy. I was worried with my not so delicate style that I would be too afraid to wear it except for special occasions.  I am happy to report that I felt very comfortable wearing it all day.”  - Dania



"Beata-Te scarves embody the concept of art as fashion. The unique nature of each hand-crafted piece adds individuality, while the skill and passion with which they are made ensures elegance and refinement. Versatile and easily dressed either up or down, Beata-Te scarves appear both modern and timeless." - Camille



“The scarf is beautiful!  I’m impressed with the softness of this delicate silk, but yet, it amazingly holds its structure. Exquisite workmanship!” - Joy

"SImply put: I love my Beata-Te scarf! I love the quality presentation, materials, and mainly how I feel when I wear it--feminine and beautiful.  It is such a versatile piece that I love having in my collection." - Anetra 


"I love my Beata-Te Hibiscus scarf in iridescent silk chiffon; it's such a unique beautiful piece - like no other scarf. The quality and the design are unparalleled." - Carina


“Timeless beauty…functional and elegant.” - Jackie

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